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At Monteluna we are aware of the variety of tastes, of the diners from the capital and visitors, that is why we have created a diverse menu to be able to pamper them.

This is how you can enjoy fish and seafood in dishes such as anchored fishing, seafood cataplana and bijao. The morrillo, loin of the neighborhood, cut angus and flat Monteluna reprensentan the offer of beef.

Zaque chicken, braised chicken, crispy chicken sandwiches and smoked chicken are some of the dishes for those who prefer this white meat.

For pasta lovers we offer ravioli of goat cheese or ricotta cheese; fettuccine with a variety of seafood broth or with artisanal pesto.

The smallest and the most pampered were also taken into account; we invite them to taste a short pasta in pomodoro sauce, pesto or carbonara; chicharrón of c 

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